Saturday, September 8, 2007


Before I started to post, I should let you know, I will not provide any contact or personal details for privacy reasons. I should also let you know the intentions and purpose of this blog.

> I am NOT supporting terrorism, militants, Al Qaeda, Osama or any terrorist organization.
> I am NOT going against the victims or families of the victims of 9/11, since they were completely innocent and may they rest in peace.
> I DO want to help the people of the world to know the facts, these people include anyone and everyone, if it may be the families of the victims, non-Muslims or Muslims, politicians and all other citizens.
> I do NOT support or justify the "No-Plane theory", but I will present all the possible evidence of problems with the official stories of the America Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 93, and the problems with the other 2 flights.

Before I do start, I want you to ask yourself this question:
Do you think that terrorists were able to hijack 4 airplanes with 5 people each (and 4 for one airplane) with box cutters, and then fly them into the WTC1 & WTC2 and miraculously fly the airplane into the pentagon, without being intercepted by NORAD (fighter planes usually ordered to shoot down hijacked airplanes) or the anti-missile defense system of the world most heavily defended building, the Pentagon? How did they do it, these Arabs who struggled in flight school and of whom 9 are presumably alive (the FBI says its a case of stolen identity, but that is not mentioned in the 9/11 commission nor does it explain why the profiling of these man is based on other people's lives).

I will try to make this blog as unbiased as possible, and I will not make up any facts or figures, I will try to use multiple sources, and mass-media sources if possible (i.e. CNN, BBC). As I already stated, I don't support the NO-PLANE THEORY, along with other theories that I believe are NOT TRUE.

All the material I use from other websites and sources will be acknowledged, a) because it isn't my material and I have used other's material, b) because it shows that the information is not made up but gathered from other sources, usually multiple sources.

And finally, if you have any information to SUPPORT or CONTRADICT the statements, facts, theories, notes or information posted in this blog, then PLEASE leave a comment with the opposing or supporting statement with reliable sources to confirm your comment. I only wish to find/expose the truth, and if anything is incorrect or lie, I will IMMEDIATELY remove or change it.

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